Self Storage Pest Control

Published on 7/15/2022

6 Tips To Protect Your Storage Unit Against Pests

Although our grounds are pretty kept at Legacy Storage Solutions - a common fear for storage unit customers is that their valuable and prized belongings will be over-ran by gross, little pests. However, here are a few precautions you can take to prevent unwanted creepy crawlies. 

1. Use pest deterrants

Whether you are covering the unit in bug spray, mouse traps or a homemade pest control like lavender oil on cotton balls. Take your own steps to protecting your valuable items along the doors and walls. 

2. Invest in good containers 

It is a lot easier for bugs to get into cardboard boxes. Airtight containers keep your clothes and belongings safe from rodents, pest, mildew and mold. 

3. Raise your items 

Many people recommend storing items on raised pallets to avoid pests hiding underneath them. Like mentioned in the last tip, they may be attracted to the mold and mildew that can grow when boxes sit on the concrete floor. 

4. Wrap Upholstered furniture 

Moths and other pests love to destroy fabric. Wrapping couches, pillows, curtains and etc. in a layer or two of plastic can prevent your things from getting torn up. 

5. No food allowed 

Never, ever, under any circumstances store food in your unit. Avoid storing appliances or anything with food residue on them. Don’t snack while visiting or moving items into your unit, because the crumbs or even the residing smell can attract pests. 

6. Check the facility 

Double check to make sure the facilities grounds are upkept, make sure garbages lids are sealed and the trash is emptied regularly. Make sure the shrubbery is trimmed back away from your unit. If anything looks unsanitary, talk to management so they can get things cleared up for you.

The mores of these recommended steps you follow through with, the safer your items will be. Call us today to ask questions or rent a unit at Legacy Storage Solutions!